My cutie pie friend

It’s been a while I blogged something but yes I missed blogging..!!! so, here I am to jot down an interesting cute encounter with a young girl, who must be probably 5-6 years old. Tiny tots, I love them, I believe they are God’s best creation ever!

Life is indeed so strange, we meet so many people from all walks of life at various phases of our life. Initially, of course, they would be strangers, but then as destined, some of them happen to gain a very special place in our hearts, though we would be totally unaware of who they are or what they do, that’s how life is! simply unpredictable.

A smile costs nothing but gives much. Smiling is indeed infectious. Truly, a smile can do wonders. My friendship with this anonymous cutie pie started with a smile. When I go to my college in the morning, I take the shortest route to reach my bus stop and for this, I have to pass by through a church. One fine morning, I saw this little school going girl, with her brother and their father was telling them to repeat some prayer, standing in front of the church. As a common sight, kids were imbibing the religious values and practices from their parents. I was watching all this and strolled ahead. I for some unknown reason happened to turn around once again.. I still don’t know the reason for that..well yeah, probably because I love kids..those innocent faces, something dragged me to her! When I turned around, out of sheer co-incidence maybe, that young girl was looking at me. She was so damn cute, I simply couldn’t resist myself from smiling at that cutie pie. She was shy for maybe one sec, then she smiled back 🙂 This followed for many days, I would find her getting into her school van and that would mean, I am late. I would still wait, wave her a hello, we would smile at each other and we would continue waving at each other and smiling, till either of us would be out of sight. Her father and her small brother were initially startled. Haha, maybe because, all of a sudden, their daughter befriends some unknown teenager.. gradually, her father and brother too started smiling at me, but her brother was too shy. There were days, when I would be late, will have to rush but on the way, I would check at her apartment’s gate or around the church to wave her a hello and I would find her, looking around for me, when she would find me, she calls her father and would tell him something and start waving at me. The happiness I get out of that, can’t be expressed in words..! Sometimes, she would be praying and I would wait there, till she’s done with her prayers and to turn around. We still didn’t know each other’s names or anything, we never bothered. Just a smile, and waving her a hi, would make my day, making me forget all my worries. I almost fell in love with her, she’s such an angel.

Surprisingly, one day, I noticed the badge pinned to her school uniform, her name was written there, JIYA JOSE! I hadn’t noticed it before. I was going through a really rough phase, emotionally and mentally beaten, when she appeared out of blue, as an angel!! Then for quite some time, we couldn’t see each other, our morning schedules changed. Naturally, I missed her. Again, some days later, I mentioned Jiya to my buddy that I miss her and I don’t get to see her lately. that’s when out of sheer coincidence, one evening, I saw her with her family, she had her granny too I suppose. I was totally speechless. Jiya stood there wearing a cute pink frock, with a small umbrella of the same color…God, she looked like a doll!! Her mom and granny gave the same expression, her father and brother gave initially. I couldn’t help but laugh quietly. When she saw me, she too was surprised to see me again after a long time and was smiling and waving at me. We both were in ecstasy and that was clear from our faces. Again we continued waving and smiling at each other until either of us became out of sight. That was the last time, I saw her.

Hoping to see her more often. May God bless that cutie pie!

Published by The girl next door!

Hey! First of all, a warm welcome to my blog. As far as penning down my thoughts are concerned, I was fond of it from a very young age. But never knew that I would pen down my thoughts and all the experiences I come across in my life on such a platform. Thoughts and views written here are purely personal and many of you can probably relate with them. Some of them may be pretty short and others long reads, so don your hats and feel free to explore. If inspired, do jot down your thoughts too, eagerly looking forward to reading them. Good luck. Signing off for now. Take care folks. With love and gratitude, Soumya.

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