All about the moon.

Ever looked at the moon? The sheer tranquillity and peace it radiates is pure bliss. I find it exceptionally peaceful. Today evening as I went to the balcony outside my room, I let the beauty soak in me and found myself immersed in the greenery all around into the scenic beauty of huge mountains of different shades with a river flowing beneath it. I looked at the sky and saw the sun calling in for the day at the distance with brilliantly red and orange shades spread all around the beautiful otherwise mostly blue sky with puffy white clouds scattered all over, my eyes chanced upon a half-moon with a bunch of crows cawing and heading towards its home across the moon. I continued to gaze at the moon with no stars around it and continued till my neck almost hurt. It was serene. Now the sky donned different shades of pink and amidst that lay the Half-moon radiating its graceful white light. I kept staring at it and saw a face. A human face it was. Smiling back at me perhaps. I don’t know. I smiled back though. Then returned my gaze back at the lush greenery that lay all around me filled with all sorts of trees predominantly the coconut trees. The leaves were swaying to the tune of winds. The sun had set by now but its rays continued to shine through the branches of the thick jackfruit tree that covered the view.

After a while, I turned around to take a peek at the beautiful moon to see whether I still saw the same human face or not. It was the same. Inquisitive, I paced ahead a few steps as if I was going closer to the moon but now I saw nothing. Just the moon, as it was, with its whiteness around it.

While doing so, I let the thoughts flow in and out, didn’t restrict anything for I wanted to know the thoughts racing in my mind, instead found myself at peace. It seemed as if I was just a tiny speck or a stardust soul in the vastness of all of it. Was almost still within and rather wondered the early sighting of the moon today. Then went inside, took out my phone and checked for the timings of the sightings of the moon. The moon set timings were blank. Never mind, scrolled down to see the timings of the moon for the days ahead and it wasn’t probably updated. Again came out to the balcony to take a look at the epitome of peace and tranquillity and with a smiling face, I whispered a thank you and entered my room for the evenings and nights that lay ahead.

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Hope is a waking dream- Aristotle

For after every dusk there’s a dawn, I keep reminding myself, tomorrow is a brand new day. Don’t lose heart you gentle soul, though it appears as eternity, it’s just a matter of time; let things fall in place and see the magic that unfurls.

Love and peace.

An ode to you, missy!

Oh, you precious doll!
Do you even know how much you are missed and adored? Perhaps you won’t even recollect me for you were a tiny tot back then.
I am sure now you would have grown up to be an adorable soul which you always were, with that charming smile of yours, which has the power to melt down any cold human out there and not to mention, mesmerized me as well.
Oh, young lass, I keep thinking of coming all the way and meeting you but I wonder whether you even go to the same school now, whether you even stay at the same place?
It’s all a wishful thinking but it’s a sheer state of bliss.

When we meet someday I promise you to treat you with lots of chocolates, confectionaries and treats and whatever you are fond of and probably show you the couple of posts I have penned of you.

I wonder how are your young brother and dad doing, your dad: a gentleman he was for his cordial behaviour and each time I was walking behind you three and if he sights me, would reciprocate my greetings with an affectionate smile and tell you, “here comes your friend.”
Or when you were at the church praying to Mother Mary, and I would wait there for you to be done with the prayers, after which your dad when he turns around and if he spots me, would smile, greeting me with a hello and ask you to turn around as well. Your kiddo brother must have grown up too by now to be a cute little boy for the years it has passed!

Alas, I don’t even have a picture, nonetheless, your image is engraved in my heart, especially with the one in which you were no less than a doll in that baby pink frock standing with your mother and granny one fine evening.

Eagerly looking forward to meeting you, my cutie-pie!

Love you to the moon and back, miss. Jiya Jose.

Yours Affectionately,
Stranger friend!

For those of you who are curious to know more about this tiny tot, feel free to skim through my posts.

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