Certain dreams have the power to put you in a state of bliss.

People believe and studies have proven that what you see in your dream is your unconscious state of mind. Dreams can be beautiful as well as appalling. Some dreams can be inspiring but only a couple of them can make you chuckle and feel elated from the core of your heart!!

Lately, I have been missing my best friends more than I do usually and that somehow turned out in my dream. My besties are all scattered across the country right now, and we stay in touch via the internet and phone calls, all thanks to technology. Though pretty aware of the fact that, relationships do not depend on distances but the depth of passion you have, to maintain and keep it going forever but when I see my friends or other people out there hanging out with their best friends, my people instantly flash on my mind and I contemplate how it would be if we were hanging out.

I know the world is not a wishing well factory or anything of that sort but dreams make me believe the contrary. And that’s what I love about it. Eventually, when I wake up the following day, reality hits hard but the vague remembrance of the dreams suffice to leave a big smile on my face and when I share it with my best friends, they get their dose of laughter and that keeps the day going. It becomes worse when the going gets tough though. Looking forward to meeting them, for I know, the day won’t be too far!

As always, relationships are precious and delicate, put in all efforts to maintain them, if they are truly worth it! Good day!

#Self Musings_8

Will a person ever know how much they are being thought of randomly? Obliviousness in its beauty, perhaps? I wonder..!

Wish more people wore their heart on their sleeves. The world would be a happier place then. Happiness is the need of the hour, agree to disagree?

Stay happy folks!

Close knits


Sometimes my mind travels faster than the speed of a train. Strange but can’t help, that’s how we humans are designed, I suppose!

It doesn’t matter whether you know your best pals’ likes and dislikes, what’s his/her favourites or preferences. Our choices may vary over time as we grow and move places. All those things become irrelevant comparatively as long as the rapport remains thick and the very same. Everything else appears to take a back seat if you know them pretty well, how beautiful a human he/she is by heart! The way they stand like your pillar of support through thick and thin, even if they are scattered all over the globe and you don’t get to talk to them often, leave alone text even once a week! The positive vibe and immense joy you get when you talk to them falls short for words. Indeed, “the distance means so little when the person means so much”.😊😊

I can vouch that many of you out there will nod your heads in favour of this! Have a great day ahead folks.