Close knits


Sometimes my mind travels faster than the speed of a train. Strange but can’t help, that’s how we humans are designed, I suppose!

It doesn’t matter whether you know your best pals’ likes and dislikes, what’s his/her favourites or preferences. Our choices may vary over time as we grow and move places. All those things become irrelevant comparatively as long as the rapport remains thick and the very same. Everything else appears to take a back seat if you know them pretty well, how beautiful a human he/she is by heart! The way they stand like your pillar of support through thick and thin, even if they are scattered all over the globe and you don’t get to talk to them often, leave alone text even once a week! The positive vibe and immense joy you get when you talk to them falls short for words. Indeed, “the distance means so little when the person means so much”.😊😊

I can vouch that many of you out there will nod your heads in favour of this! Have a great day ahead folks.


She’s the best friend everyone wishes for. The epitome of “the constant one” that people look out for aka “the 3 am version of people”. Acts as a reminder for others to love thyself. Has an aura of all positive things around her; it’s not just her beauty but for the beautiful human, she is, inside-out.

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She’s reticent with a charismatic personality. She can listen to all your rants patiently and still cheer you up. Btw her obsession for photos is real. 🤓🤭. Being with her is being with myself; the version that comes alive effortlessly.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world. It’s been a camaraderie of 14 years and many more to go! She’s the family you see in your close-knit friends. Thank you shaluuuuu for putting up with me all these years and praying that you develop the strength to bear with me for the rest of your amazing life that beckons you😛😁. Happy birthday, yaar. Lots of respect, love and gratitude.🥳😊😇


When there’s chaos all around, what about the inner chaos? Do you emphasize on dealing with it to the extent it deserves?

Ever thought of the collateral damage that builds up on you over time? You may not even comprehend it until someone close to you and understands the real you, gives you a wake-up call on the same!

But do not give up on yourself come what may! As they say, no one can replace you, as what you are today is the outcome of the scars and bruises that you have emerged from, onto a stronger version of the self. Be proud of the good human you have become. 😊