A voice message from someone dear to you reminding you of being simply there beside them which gave them that “extra support” which probably cannot be verbalized. She happened to receive one such voice message at dawn which just baffled her, apart from making her day in some mysterious yet beautiful ways. There are times when you barely do anything, instead, be beside them and you leave it at that, but that signifies a lot to the other person!

Similarly, when certain people are familiar only with your high energy ball personality and suddenly you sound low or dull to them, oblivious to self too; they catch it. Even if you were, you don’t expect them to catch sight of it. 🙃 The following day after the call, you receive a message being asked on the same and when they reply in affirmative that it was ” very evident”, firstly it may startle you, later it makes you introspect, pause and force you to remind yourself many a thing that acts as a wake-up call.

Hence, if you notice, it’s the little things that truly matter! You may be just a speck in the vastness of the ocean, but the way you influence a person may be profound!

“Where are you? “One call away” -2.

part 1 _ This is the link to the first part 🙂

To further mess around with his emotions, Ann would send him all the depressing songs and justify by saying that, she’s going through the same situation as the lyrics convey. To overcome her guilt of playing around with his emotions, she herself confessed that things were being planned with her consent all this time and she was just being nice to him and took pity on Alex for he crying his heart out asking Ann to stay back and promising Ann to shower her with all the love forever. She had her game all set and was acing it up every time.

Fast forward, Alex gets back on track with bits and pieces, trying to let go and the healing process was garnering strength within him. Alex is doing well, his work keeps him on his toes and weekends are usually spent with cousins. His nephews act as the stress busters and for he loves kids, it all synced. His bestie was so happy to see him getting back on track and his mental health progressing to the constructive side. Ann was having her hell in a handbasket situation and was literally struggling to keep things afloat. After all, Karma is for real and it will give it’s due in unexpected ways sooner or later.

Ann has a secure job at hand so financially she was stable and that gave her self confidence in its own ways not to forget, it was Alex who stood by her and helped her reach where she was at present in her career.
As months pass with fewer texts from Ann and she becoming water under the bridge, Ann texts Alex one fine day and she continues to pester him, asking him to meet her. He texts back asking for help from her. When Ann eagerly asks how she may help Alex, he says he’s off the hook and shows her the door once again.

Meanwhile, Alex was in for a bombshell. He gets to know through one of their mutual friends that Ann finally mustered up the courage to talk to her parents about the incompatibility and trust issues she shared with her partner and wanted to come out of it for good. Ann was subjected to physical and mental abuse by her domineering parents and sibling and got a flea in her ear, to say the least. Her face bore the scars of the torture she had received and she applied for a divorce against the wishes of her family and finally moved out of her house to the city where she was working. After all, she was financially secure. Though she broke all her ties with her immediate family members, she has a whole road that lies ahead of her to start from scratch with new perspectives added to her life.

Only if Ann had shown a portion of the guts she showed now, a bit earlier, she would have got a life filled with happiness and love from Alex and his family members who were all set to welcome Ann. But not anymore!